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alt In order to maintain a healthy farm animal population the department undertakes diagnosis of animal diseases, treatment to diseased animals, giving immunity vaccination against epidemic diseases such as Foot and mouth disease, Hemorrhagic septicemia and Black Quarter . Health Certificates for transporting animals are also issued by the department. The department also undertakes public health care programs by identifying and controlling serious epidemic diseases caused by birds. Artificial insemination is carried out in respect of cows and she goats with a view to breed animals with high milk yield.

Artificial Insemination
Under this program high yielding animals are produced by means of artificial insemination of cows and she goats.

Pregnancy Tests

Success of insemination work is checked by inspecting pregnancy of cows brought under artificial insemination, the farmer is advised on the correct control of pregnancy period.

Records of births of calves
Records on births of calves given by artificially inseminated cows are obtained and follow up action is taken on care, nutrition and health care activities of such animals.

Heat Synchronization Programs
Cows kept in difficult areas cannot be brought down frequently for artificial insemination work are brought down to one place and artificial insemination is performed after hormonal manipulation of the estrus. 

High variety cows whose fertility capacity is low are treated by special technical methods to increase such capacity.

Establishment of Breeding Farms
As a solution to the shortage of high quality milk cows breeding farms are established to breed and distribute milk cows. Selected cattle farms are improved as breeding farms and haring identified the needs in such farm activities such as supply of milk cows. Construction of systematic cattle sheds, contributive of 50% of the financial requirements.

In order to avoid breeding of low productive animals reproductive power of male cattle, goats and sheep is arrested.

Program of Reporting on Milk Yield
With a view to have a generation of high quality milk cows in Sri Lanka. This program is implemented at national level under which monthly milk yielding of selected cows are obtained. For this purpose farmers are also given an allowance.


Coordination work is done to supply highbred  farm animals to farmers while productive and health condition of animals is also checked. Following special programs are also carried out.

State Financial Grant - 50% Basis

Highbred milk cows, stud bull , goats and one month old chicks are distributed on the basis of meeting 50% of the value by the Department . The 50% grant given by the department is subject to a maximums as follows and the value of it may charge from time to time.

Milk cows - Rs: 20,000/-
Stud bull - Rs: 20,000/-
Goats - Rs: 7,500/-
One month old chick - Rs: 110/-

Tenancy Basis
Milk cows and goats are distributed on the following basis by the livestock Resources Bank established in the Uva Province

  1. Milk cows are given on the basis of tenancy that the heifer should be handed back to the department after 04 years from conceiving a calf.
  2. Goats will be given on tenancy basis that on equal number of goats should be handed back to the department within a period of 04 years.

During these programs the beneficiaries should erect suitable animal shelters and the animals too should be insured in favour of the department.


Establishment of new pasture cultivations
Pasture lands at least 20 perches in extent will be established by supplying planting material of highly nutrition pasture to the farmers free of charge.

Directing farmers to alternative cattle food such as excessive agro crops, urea, molasses mineral granules etc.

Supply of Machines for crushing pasture
With the objective of giving good nutrition to milk cows, this machine is offered to farmers who has built systematic cattle shed and who possess at least 03 milk cows.

Guidance to farmers on preparation of poultry feed by using locally obtainable raw material for poultry farming.

alt Farmers’ knowledge , skills and attitudes will be improved  by advising them personally by visiting them personally, by conducting farmer training classes , workshops, field days and farmer seminars and giving them modern knowledge by means of books.

Establishment of Systematic Farm Units
With the objective of maintaining health care and obtaining high milk yield, the department grants 50% financial contribution subject to a   maximum of Rs. 15,000/- for constructing systematic cattle sheds.

Establishment of Bio Gas Generators
The department grants 50% financial contribution subject to a  maximum of Rs. 30,000/- for the construction of bio gas generators which  help to fulfill the energy requirement and to manage animal waste   matter. For this purpose, beneficiaries should have a sufficient number  of cattle and a systematic cattle shed.

Establishment of Backyard Poultry Farm

For the purpose of eliminating malnutrition of low income families one month old 10 chicks are given on the basis of 50% state financial  contribution for then to keep domestic poultry farms.

alt Villages with milk marketing facilities and with a minimum of 20 Dairy  farm will be selected and their milk production will be increased at  least by 200 litres by providing 50% financial contribution and also by  construction of cattle sheds, pasture development, training of farmers  etc.

Establishment of Livestock Farmers Organizations
Establishment of Livestock Farmers Organizations, in particular establishment of Milk Producers Organizations will be coordinated for the promotion of marketing livestock productions.

Establishment of Fresh Milk Outlets
Farmer organizations and the business community will be encouraged and financial contribution will be provided for the establishment of fresh milk outlets with a view to expand the consumption of fresh milk.

Technical Contribution for preparation of dairy by products.

alt Coordination work and issue of health certificates will be undertaken for insuring cattle, goats etc.

Services rendered to other state organizations from the Department

  • Officers Training and Farm Training
  • Technical Assistance

Services rendered to Business from the Department

  • Consultancy Services on Animal Husbandry.

Present Projects in progress

  1. Dairy Farms Development
  2. Dairy Villages Program
  3. Development of Poultry Production
  4. Goat Keeping
  5. Disease Control Program

Inaugurating date for 50% financial assistance. :

Vaccination Program

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